Third graders last year

Last year our thirdgraders  skyped with a class at the Bowes primary school in London. It was exciting and fun!

We also started a writingproject with the english students at Bowes, that we met through Skype.

All the thirdgraders got letters!

It was very exciting to open and read the letters from our new friends!

Then we started to write answers!

The thirdgraders made beautiful paintings on the envelopes!


Presentations made by some of the thirdgraders:

My name is Glena.
I am 9 years old. I live in hallsberg.
I speak swedish and kurdish.
My favorite color is black,white,blue and purple.
My favorite animal is dog,cat,rabbit and horse.
My favorite subject in shool is english,math and history. I like to
My favorit week is friday,saturday and sunday.
My favorite month is january. BYE!
My name is Timmy.
I am 8 years old. I live in Hallsberg.
I speak swedish. My favorite color is dark blue.
My favorite animal is rabbit.
My favorite subject in school is math.
I like wrestling. I have 2 rabbits.
I have small house.
My favorite game is Clash of clans.
Bye bye!



My name is Fancy 
i am 9 years old.
And i live in Hallsberg.
I have dark brown eyes.
And i have dark brown
long hair.
To day i am wearing a 
trousers,purple socks 
and heel shoes.                   
                              Bye bye!

It is windy and you can hear the wind in the backround when Viktoria and Maja gave us a weather-report last winter and told us about the day, month and season:

News with Daniels and Mario:

Mario explains how to play ”Give me 5”:


Ingrid, Ella, Surafiel, Armin, Markuss and My:

Ilona, Fancy and Edit in the third grade  made a short movie:


These thirdgraders tell us about themselves!

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