A new game

This week the thirdgraders have        tested a new game with cards. It is called ”Make it 4”.  It is about collecting families of four cards for example: cat, dog, parrot and rabbit.

A family can also be shapes: square, circle, triangle and rectangle.

You practice  words and phrases in a fun way. You ask your friends about a card you are missing. If they don´t have it, you pick a card on the desk.


The thirdgraders liked it and we will definately play it more times!

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Telling the Time

The thirdgraders have got an app were they practice time, both analogue and digital. In the app you can also practice months and days of the week.   It is called ”Telling Time ages 9-11”. It is made by Bloomsbury Publishing.

You can choose to practice for example half an hour, quarter past, quarter to or 5 minute intervals.

You move the minute hand to the right time. You listen to a voice or read it yourself.


When you are finished, you see the result and know if you need to pracice more. There are a lot of choices.






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